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Think Self Care for Life: Think the Right Health Service

22 Nov 2019by lindseyh

As part of Self Care Week 2019, health professionals across the Black Country and West Birmingham are encouraging people to look after themselves and loved ones this winter.


Self-Care Week aims to encourage all of us to be actively involved in improving our own health and well-being, especially those with long term conditions such as diabetes or chronic respiratory problems.


People think they need to visit a GP or hospital with minor illnesses and injuries, however some common illnesses don’t require medical intervention and are often treated more quickly elsewhere, or at home using simple remedies.


Your local pharmacist can offer you free, confidential, qualified health advice at any time, and no appointment is necessary.  From coughs and colds to aches and pains, they can give you expert help on everyday illnesses and answer questions about prescribed and over the counter medicines.


Dr Jonathan Darby, GP and Clinical Lead, Dudley CCG says; “Self-Care Week is an important reminder that we all have a responsibility for our own health.


We can all help by making sure we minimise the risk of illness in the first place by looking after ourselves, leading healthier lifestyles and taking medicine prescribed if needed, also by being aware of self-limiting medical conditions such as sore throats, coughs and colds that do not always need a visit to the GP for treatment”.


Dr Andrew Morgan, A&E Consultant, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, says “Before visiting A&E, consider whether there is a service better suited to your health needs. Think about using information on the NHS website, calling NHS 111 or visiting your pharmacy for health advice.


“A&E is for serious, life-threatening conditions such as severe bleeding, heart attacks, badly broken bones whilst Urgent Treatment Centre’s can help you with non-serious injuries such as cuts, sprains, minor scalds and minor eye injuries.”


During Self Care Week 2019, there will be a range of information available from your GP Practice and on the Self Care Forum website here http://www.selfcareforum.org

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