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Emergency Preparedness Resilience & Response

Every year Dudley CCG undertakes a ‘check and balance’ review of its compliance against the NHS standards for Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR). As part of this process we present our assessment against these standards to the CCG Governing Body and develop an action plan for any areas that need to be strengthened. NHS England oversee this process and for 2017 awarded Dudley CCG the rating of ‘Substantial Compliance’ against the EPRR national standards.

Within Dudley CCG there are staff that have been designated roles for EPRR to ensure that the CCG remains compliant with relevant legislation and the EPRR Core Standards.

  • Accountable Emergency Officer
    Caroline Brunt – Chief Nurse
  • Emergency Planning Manager
    Geraint Griffiths-Dale – Deputy Director of Commissioning

EPRR Policy & Governance Process

As a category 2 responder, the CCG has an EPRR Policy in place which outlines the responsibilities of the organisation in an emergency.

The policy also outlines the governance process for reporting on EPRR within the organisation.  The process includes an EPRR Working Group which reports directly to the Audit & Governance Committee which in turn, reports to Board.  In addition to this the Board receives a further EPRR report, following the submission of Core Standards Framework, on an annual basis. The CCGs Board papers can be found here.

Business Continuity

Dudley CCG aligns itself to the International Standard for Business Continuity ISO 22301. Business Continuity Planning within the organisation comprises of an overarching Business Continuity Plan available here, which indicates the overarching response arrangements for staff and the organisation.

Key Partners

Dudley CCG works with key partners within the NHS and externally such as:

  • Regional Capacity Management Team
  • NHS England West Midlands
  • Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dudley MBC
  • Public Health England

 If you would like to contact someone about EPRR please email geraint.griffiths@nhs.net